While doing research for a book I wrote I interviewed women in nightclubs on the subject of what turns them off in clubs when it comes to men. Here are their answers:

Robin - " One who comes right up in your face with bad breath. A man with bad body odor and wrinkled clothes. Takes things for granted and sits down without asking. One who comes on too strong."
Kerry - "One who thinks he's a good dancer, but steps all over your feet."
Erika - "The overly flashy type man. A man who treats me like a piece of meat."
Valerie - "A man that acts dumb. He shows off in front of everybody. He thinks he's real cute. Cares more about himself than he does about you. Also, he comes right up to you with bad breath."
Paula - "A show off, a man that thinks he's really something special, a guy dressed tacky, or a bum, or a fast mover."
Susan - "A drunk, stubborn man. Some men insist that you dance with them even if you say no. That turns me off."
Gail - "A very forward, especially drunk, insistent man."
Debbie - "A fat, drunk man. A man who thinks that he is macho."
Erin - "A low mouth man."
Sandra - "Too feminine and doesn't dress masculine. A fat man. A man that is not a good listener."
Karen - If he's too suggestive, dresses too fancy (don't like suits), and too drunk."
Kim - "A guy that's too pushy and brags too much on himself."
Nicole - "A guy that's too forward and obnoxious."
Barbara - "Faggots and ugly men."
Nancy - "A drunk and untidy man."
Natalie - "A cocky snob (stuck up). A frump.
Gayle - "Short and fat. Real conceited guys who think they are God's gift to women."
Peggy - "A man I don't even know that fondles me and paws at my body. A real drunk guy that stumbles up to me and tries to hustle me or dance with me. Obese men."
Teresa - "The type that lie and sit around and brag about themselves. They think they are hot stuff."


  1. Johanna.Toledo // October 23, 2012 at 2:48 PM  

    I'm thinking..what if there was a website that would allow women to verify men and date with reliable men only, and then what would be a good name for it. If interesting, do you mind answering this 1-question survey please?