Robin - "To be approached by a polite, neatly-dressed, sincere guy."
Kerry - "He asks me, "Would you like to dance?" A man that talks a little first, before we dance."
Erika - "For a man to ask me to dance and not to assume automatically that I'll dance with him."
Valeria - "I like to be approached by a man with good manners. A man that is well-dressed and has a personality.
Paula - "I like for him to just come up to me and ask me if I want to dance. That's all it takes."
Susan - "Ask if I would like to dance and if I like him, I'll keep dancing, if he will keep asking."
Gail - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Debbie - "Any approach is OK, as long as he doesn't try to put his hands all over my body."
Erin - "By a man that's not too forward."
Sandra - "A very friendly man with no lines. Someone original and witty; doesn't come on with phony compliments."
Karen - "I like for them to say, "Hi" and ask me to dance."
Kim - "He asks me to dance. A guy that walks up to me and starts up a conversation. Line are OK."
Nicole - "All he has to do is ask me to dance."
Barbara - "To be treated like a lady. Not too pushy and not too fast."
Nancy - "A guy with a witty approach. Full of compliments."
Natalie - "I like for them to ask me to dance."
Gayle - "Just a straight, down-to-earth approach, with no B.S. lines."
Peggy - "A gentleman's approach. To treat me like a lady. I don't like the "Baby do you wanna dance" approach."
Teresa - "I like a guy who is sure of himself when he approaches me. A guy who knows what he's doing."