You will probably have noticed that we are suggesting a lot of talking during the FIRST PHASE of "moving" situations (other than when requesting help). We believe this is best, since you are often in a tenuous situation. You have managed to stop the girl, but she may be uneasy, a bit embarrassed, and inclined to go on her way to prevent further embarrassment. However, as long as you keep talking, she feels compelled to remain and listen. Your talking has a soothing effect, and after a little while she will settle down and be more at ease. It is good for you to talk with a rambling style of sentence structure, inviting comments from her, and try to stimulate her to relate to what you are saying. This should be done after your opening line, but before you introduce yourself.

You cannot be a man of few words in this situation (not usually). You should be prepared to carry the initiative for a while. That is, keep it rolling. If you dry up after saying just a few words, there will be an awkward silence, and she will be gone. Words are the lubricant that keeps the FIRST PHASE of the pick-up operation rolling. You should have a good supply ready. Clich├ęs are just fine for this purpose. Just about anything is O.K., but a good idea is to hover around the subject of justifying your pick-up attempt.