When I was writing my book on how to pick up women in nightclubs, I interviewed several women in nightclubs about what turned them on about men in clubs. Here was their answers:

Robin - "A neat dresser, nice-looking, a man that treats me with respect."
Kerry - "A very well-dressed man and has very good manners."
Erika - "Good-looking, a good dancer, dressed nice, and has good character."
Valerie - "A man that lets you know you are wanted. He tries his best to make you happy. He acts like a gentleman. Good dancer." Paula - "A shy, not too direct guy, but he knows what he's doing."
Susan - "A well-mannered, well-dressed man. A man that doesn't ask too many questions."
Gail - "One with a gentlemen's approach, perhaps to ask for a dance and then later offering to buy me a drink. Certainly not a man who has already had one to many."
Debbie - "Good-looking guy with a good personality."
Erin - "A sophisticated man with a lot of class and money."
Sandra - "A congenial man (no stud). He knows he's good-looking and doesn't have to fish for compliments. No fatty, I like a nice body."
Karen - "I like tall men and I like a couple of buttons unbuttoned on his shirt. Shape of man important - not fat, but not too skinny. I like a man with neat-looking hair, not too long or too short."
Kim - "A guy that likes to dance, a good conversationalist, and a neat dresser."
Nicole - "A guy that acts natural. He doesn't come on with a bunch of lines. He just acts like himself and doesn't try to put up a big front."
Barbara - "A good-looking man that's a sharp dresser. A plain-looking guy is OK too, if he has a pleasing personality."
Nancy - "Easy to get along with, physically attractive, and a good personality."
Natalie - "A guy that's real friendly with a warm personality. Personality more important than looks."
Gayle - "Someone with a pretty good personality. Someone that seems sincere and honest."
Peggy - "Nice-looking, can dance good, and intelligent."
Teresa - "A nice, friendly man. Talkative and shows interest in me and gives me a lot of attention. Looks aren't important."