When doing research for my book on how to pick up women in nightclubs I interviewed women for this question: What Does it Take to Get You to Leave a Club with a Man?

Here are their answers:

Robin - "If I really get off to the guy and there's a lot of good vibrations between us."
Kerry - "I always take my car so I can drive over to a guy's apartment, if I like him."
Erika - "If he's good-looking, well-groomed, and has a good personality."
Valerie - "If I like him and he treats me like a lady, I'll leave with him. He must be a gentleman."
Paula - "I wouldn't leave a nightclub with a man unless I got to know him real well in the nightclub via conversation, dancing, etc."
Susan - "If he has what it takes! It depends. All men are different."

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Gail - "There is nothing in the world that could make me leave a nightclub with a man. If I wished to see the gentleman again and he wished to see me, perhaps we could exchange phone numbers, but definitely not the first night."
Debbie - "If I like the guy, I'll go home with him."
Erin - "I'll leave with him if he shows that he really likes me and not just using me."
Sandra - "To leave in separate cars."
Karen - "Trust. Either I have to know him for awhile or have a friend who says the guy is alright."
Kim - "If I like him a lot."