Another of the more difficult techniques is to approach the girl with a challenging attitude. This puts the girl into a defensive role. The man' 'takes charge" of the encounter. Many girls are impressed by men who can do this.

The man might challenge the girl with, "What's your name?" or, "Hey!

I haven't seen you around here before." And as they talk, continue to ask searching questions.

Some strong willed girls resent such an approach, and may answer, "None of your business."

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Men who use this technique are usually most interested in finding girls who will allow them to be dominant. So, their approach is also a selective process. They are not interested in the strong willed girls and are quite happy to back off when they encounter one. Luckily for them, there are plenty of girls around who actually prefer that the man take the stronger hand in a relationship.

Of course this type of approach requires that the man be very confident, self -assured, and able to handle the rejections he will get.