Many men live in a dream world waiting for the perfect, beautiful "Perfect 10" to come along. These men have a hard time finding anyone, short of Bo Derek, attractive. Are we saying that shooting for "10's" is foolish? No! We are saying men forget the eight elements of what women find attractive. Remember, women find men attractive who are found attractive by other women. When a woman sees that a man has a date or is "going" with a woman, she sees that man has something going for him. He must know how to treat a woman, he must be sexy, he must be interesting, and finally, he must be hard to get because he is already taken, and I'll have to use my powers of seduction on him, which makes me feel sensual.

When women see a man with no date or girlfriend, she sees a man who must not know how to treat a woman. He must not be sexy. He must not be interesting, and he is probably desperate. Even if you don't have your girlfriend with you, women can sense a man who has experience with women. They can especially sense a man who is desperate. Being involved with women is probably the single most important thing that you can do to make yourself attractive to other women. Your image is improved without you saying a word.