First of all let's cover what most topless dancers are interested in talking about:

1. Family and home - If she has any children you can really get on the good side of her by taking an interest in her children.
2. Health & Fitness - A lot of dancers work out to keep their bodies in good shape.
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3. Her job and the topless club she works at.
4. Personal growth and career goals - Some dancers are ambitious and only dancing temporarily to make some money to further their careers in another field. Be sure and find out her career goals.
5. Clothes and shopping - You can really capture her heart if you're knowledgeable about women's fashions and talk about shopping.
6. Perfume and jewelry - Talk about her favorite perfumes and comment on any jewelry she's wearing.
7. Recreation and travel - Dancers usually like to have fun and go on out-of-town trips.