Now let's get back to the statement of making yourself interested in a girl that may not be the girl of your dreams. Simply this: It is always better to involve yourself with women, even if your interest is low, than to be involved with no one at all.

1. As soon as you start dating one girl you meet her friends, and thus many more women.
2. Her friends are most likely going to find you attractive. After all, their friend does. And they will be comfortable around you. You are safe. Not some guy "on the make."
3. You put yourself in a position where you aren't so desperate.

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4. If that "10" does come along, she will see that you are found attractive by other women, and that will help in your pursuit of her.
5. To not be involved with other women is social suicide. We have met many friends who are so particular that they sit around avoiding any involvement waiting for the perfect girl to come along. Unfortunately, when potentially perfect girls do come along, they perceive these as being boring. After all if he isn’t involved with other women, he must not have anything going for him.
6. If nothing else, it's good practice. And practice makes perfect.
7. The final word: Involve yourself with as many women s possible - the rich get richer. A girl that you may not find attractive may lead (directly or indirectly) to someone your do find attractive.