1. If you're with two topless dancers, ask them how did they get to know each other?
2. "Do you even get nervous when you're up on stage?"
3. "Is this your only job?"
4. "Where do you like to shop for clothes?"
5. "Where do you like to go on vacation?"

6. "What's your favorite romantic restaurant...Where is it located?" (Later you can ask her to meet you there for a lunch or dinner for your first date).
7. "Are you having a pretty good night?"
8. "What kind of man are you attracted to?" (Her answer can give you a clue on how to act around her to get her interested in you).
9. "Where did you attend school?"
10. "Have you been to any good concerts lately?' (Also, find out who her favorite groups are so you can ask her out when they come to your area).