A friend was having a party, and the day before the party, he went to a neighborhood swimming pool to try to find some friends to let them know about it. While there, he sat down to talk to someone he knew and noticed a very attractive girl who he had been trying to meet for some time. After a while, the girl and two friends got up from their chairs and went to swim laps. He got a piece of paper and wrote: "Party Friday Night, Drinks are Free, Bring Something to Eat, (His Phone Number), Call for Directions." He put the note on her chair and left the pool.

Sure enough, he got a call that evening from a very curious and intrigued girl. She asked who he was, and what he had been wearing at the pool. When he told her, she remembered him, and was very positive. Finally, she asked, "Do you always leave notes on chairs?"

His reply was a great example of shocking a girl with the truth. "No, I did that because I wanted to meet you, and if I'd gone up to you and told you that I had a big party for you to come to, you'd have thought that I was handing you the oldest line in the book. So I left the note. I was banking on you being curious enough to call and come to the party."

Indeed, she did come to the party with two of her girlfriends, and he had all evening to get to know her.