The oldest, and still perhaps the best, tactic in existence to meet women is to ask for help. You can ask for directions (this is good because if you ask about a place along the way she is walking, you can walk with her). You can ask for other types of advice, like where you could buy some particular item. If you are very impressed by the dress (or shoes) she is wearing, ask her where she bought it. Or ask about women's clothing details (you are buying something for your mother, sister, or a friend). You can probably think of many other ways to ask for help.

The only problem is that having given the help you requested, she is ready to move on. But you have a small advantage -she is stopped and talking to you. It is not yet time to introduce yourself (unless she appears very friendly), but you must follow up on your advantage. It is a good time for one of those very commonplace, casual remarks like, "Do you work around here?" or "Do you live here in..?" After her answer you can say, "By the way, my name is ..., what's yours?" Never be afraid to tell her you only asked for help to meet her. But wait until after you have introduced yourself.

Asking for help definitely is the best all-round opener for a pick up. It works well, both in "stationary" and "moving" situations.