SIN #1 - Bragging about yourself and your accomplishments. There's no faster way of driving topless dancers away from you than by constantly talking about yourself and your own great accomplishments.

Forget about yourself. The whole art of conversation with a dancer is to become interested in her rather than trying to get her interested in you. Remember that most people are interested in themselves morning, noon, and night. Never forget this fact. After all, why should a dancer be interested in you unless you are interested in her first. Just put your ego aside and concentrate solely on her and her interests.

SIN #2 - Talking too vulgar and crudely. In the beginning, when you meet a dancer and you start talking sexual and making vulgar remarks, you are going to turn her off and you will get nowhere with her.

Don't tell her things like, "You sure have a great set of tits." or "show me your pussy." This is showing her lack of respect and she won't appreciate it. They want to be treated like a lady and not some whore.

Another mistake is propositioning her for sex in a crude manner with statements like, "Let's go f--k," or "I sure would like to f--k you."

Treat her like a lady and don't act like a horny dog with uncontrollable hormones. You'll make a lot better impression on her by keeping cool and calm and non-sexual and non-threatening.

You will stand out favorably from the other guys she's used to being around that act like animals.