These are great places for meeting women and salesladies and are literally just crawling with lots of young attractive women. Another factor in your favor is that women outnumber the men usually three to one.

Meeting salesladies is very easy. They are usually fairly attractive and are usually bored and would welcome a man like yourself approaching them and brightening up their day. All you have to do is simply pretend you are shopping for a gift for your mother or sister and ask her for assistance. After you have spent some time with her talking and making contact, ask her out to dinner on her lunch break or after she gets off.

As for the shoppers in the stores, let me offer some approaches:

When you see a woman loaded down with purchases, offer to help her carry her packages. This has drawbacks though because she might not trust a stranger carrying her packages. She may fear that you'll run off with them. It's worth a try though. All she can do is say no and think of the possibilities if she says yes.

Another approach is to walk up to a woman pretending you need help with a purchase. For example, if you're in a jewelry store, approach a woman and say, "I'm shopping for a watch for my sister and I was wondering if you would try this watch on so I can see how it looks?" 99 out of 100 times she will help you. After that, just turn on your charm and conversational skills and ask her out.

A good place to approach women is at the cosmetic counters. Women tend to hang around this area of the store more than any other location. Make-up and perfume are very important to women and she will tend to take her time in this department. Your approach? Look for a woman trying on some perfume and get next to her and give her your opinion of that exotic scent she just tried on. Don't forget to approach the salesladies also!