SIN #1 - Criticizing her in public. This is a big no, no. Nobody likes to be criticized in front of others. So, if there are others around, refrain from telling her she's dead wrong about things or pointing out a terrible mistake that she has made.

This will make a bad impression on her, especially if you don't even hardly know her. Nobody likes to be embarrassed in front of their friends, other topless dancers, etc.

SIN # 2 - Making sarcastic remarks and making fun of her. Don't make the mistake of making any sarcastic remarks toward her. Most people don't appreciate sarcasm. Just be optimistic and upbeat towards her no matter what's going on. You'll be a lot better off. And whatever you do, don't make fun of her. If you make fun of her, if you belittle and ridicule her, or if you make a fool out of her, especially in front of others, you'll have her as an enemy for the rest of your life. She will never forget this incident or forgive you. People don't like their ego deflated and their pride hurt. Do the opposite and give her lots of praise.