This is an overlooked great place to meet sexy women. Using some special techniques, you can be successful in meeting women here. Here are the techniques:

1. If you see a woman across the way you'd like to meet, just simply use the waiter or waitress as a messenger. Now, instruct him to bring this woman a drink and a note saying, "Hi! My name is Don from across the way in the blue shirt and curly hair and I'm irresistibly attracted to you and I'd love to meet you. Will you come over and join me?"

2. If you see a woman you'd like to meet at a counter or table with an empty chair, just make it a point to sit next to her. Then you ask her, "Excuse me, I've never eaten here before and I was wondering if you could recommend something good to eat?" This breaks the ice and then you follow up with your conversational skills.

3. As a variation to technique number one, ask your waiter or waitress to ask the man if she'd mind if the man in the blue shirt and curly hair across the way joined her.