SENSUALITY TIP - It is very important that you are perceived by people as being sensuous and sexy - not as being a robot. You can do this through your voice, your body language, touching and eye contact. Get advice from your friends, observe others, or read up on the subject. It takes practice so don't be discouraged if you don't immediately feel comfortable projecting your sensuality.


Charm is a pleasing presentation of your personality. People who are around someone with charm feel an excitement and an enjoyment of being with them. Women are most definitely drawn to a man with "charm."

HINT #1 - When you are with a girls make sure that your body language is open and comfortable to her. Make sure that your eye contact is on her and not darting around the room. Make sure your facial expression is one of enjoyment in being where you are and doing what you are doing.

HINT #2 - Keep the conversation directed at her. Avoid talking about yourself. Keep asking her questions about her job, her education, her love life, where she lives, anything to keep the conversation directed at her interests. She will feel comfortable with a topic that she knows something about and will be flattered by your interest in her.

HINT #3 - Notice things about her: Her new hairdo, her new clothes, her glasses, the books she is carrying - anything that will show her you are observant, sensitive, and interested in her and things that she is interested in.