If you are at leisure yourself, on a beach, in a restaurant, or on a park bench and an attractive girl walks by, you can take the opportunity to ask her to join you. You may want to put in some' 'filler'" talk if you don't get an immediate "Yes," (and she is wavering). Coaxing and kidding are good even if you get a weak "No."

"Aw come on, I need the company," etc., etc.

Dogs are wonderful conversation openers. Either the girl has a dog, which gives you the opportunity to admire it and ask its age, sex or breed. Then compare it with a dog you had. Introductions follow. Or, if you have a dog, chances are a girl will admire it. Even if she doesn't, you can reassure her jokingly, as you pass (or she passes you), that she need not be afraid, you will hold him tightly. Or he is very quiet (just like his owner). You can even solicit admiration of your animal. "Isn't he a beauty,” etc. Of course the advantage is that you have a common experience to share with the girl - the dog.

Outstandingly interesting cars, motorcycles, horses, or any other similar possessions can be used in the same way. Remember, girls are always interested (if they are available) in meeting new guys, and anything that gives them the opportunity is fine with them.