These groups function to lay all the ground work to help people lead a happier and fulfilled life. Examples of such groups are Silva Mind Control, Actualizations, EST, Transactional Analysis, Dale Carnegie courses, etc. A majority of these groups follow the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers in humanistic psychology, the therapy groups of the 1960's, and the eclectic Esalen Institute total experience.

These groups provide an excellent vehicle for one to meet other singles. A large number of people attending these training sessions are unmarried.

Human potential group workshops provide a relaxed atmosphere to meet others. You don't feel pressured to meet others like you would if you were in a singles bar. You're both there for a common cause and this brings people together. The people there are eager to meet others and the women are friendly. These groups create conditions under which friendships and relationships can flourish.

So, why not look into joining one of these groups? It can bring beneficial change into your life and give you new insights, not to mention meeting lots of new women and establishing new friendships.