Adult Education Classes and University Extension Courses

Most good-sized communities in the United States offer adult education courses. The courses are varied and offer something for everyone. The classes are held at convenient times for full time workers and are available at no cost or for a small fee.

These courses are an excellent channel for meeting women.

The key to it all is to take courses that appeal to women. Let me offer some suggestions of courses that will be made up of mostly women: Interior decorating, arts and crafts, cooking, ballet, astrology, handwriting analysis, tarot, tennis, writing, etc. By taking these courses you will be one of the few men in the class. You will be surrounded by women and you will get all the attention and you will be in demand. The women will be literally fighting amongst themselves for your attention.

Let me tell you about my friend Bill who took a cooking class at my urging. This is what he told me about the class: "Well, there were fifteen women in the class and I was the only guy. Most of them were single and most of them were around my age. Now, I've only been to three of the classes and have three more to go and I've already dated four of the women...and I'm becoming a great cook on top of it. You know Don, this was a really great idea of yours. Probably none of these women would have talked to me if I had approached them in a supermarket or on the street, but no woman refuses to talk to you over a pasta."

A word of advice. Arrive at the classes early. Everyone sits around and shoots the bull and the atmosphere is very relaxed and there's no pressure to meet someone like in a singles bar. By arriving early you can make the rounds and converse with the women before class.