I have suggested some serious conversation subjects, which you should be prepared to use when appropriate. But, be warned, many girls are not all that interested in a lot of serious conversation. They prefer the lighter stuff: kidding around, compliments, spicy talk (jokes, etc.) and a lot of going places and doing things. Also, discussions and planning of different escapades. In fact some girls really don't want to talk all that much. They would rather be involved in doing things. This is particularly true when you are not alone with a girl, such as in a foursome, or in a group at a party. You must always use feedback to determine your conversation trends.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that, because you are interested in more intellectual subjects, it is right for everyone else to be. You will, of course, find many girls who are just as intelligent, or more intelligent, than you are. But there are many others, particularly younger girls, who are actually childlike in their interests. I do not suggest that you adopt their views if you want to have a relationship with such girls, but you should at least cater to their interests. Do not deal with such a girl as you would with a more intellectual girl. She would be quite bored.