One of the cardinal rules in your search for the well-to-do woman is to forget the bars. The person you're looking for isn't wasting time in them. You have to go where the rich and soon to be rich spend their time. If you like boating and water, many yacht clubs allow people to join on social status who don't even own boats. What better way to meet a well-to-do woman than to be a member of this club and be present at the various social functions the club provides. This allows you to mingle with a lot of people of means without having a large cash outlay yourself. If you're a horse lover, find an exclusive stable or riding club and join up. This doesn't mean you have to have a horse of your own to learn to ride.

If you can afford the membership dues in a country club or if you can afford to borrow the money to join up, do so. If you are an aspiring golfer, most areas have places you can even rent the clubs. On public courses without restrictions, make sure you're playing during the middle of the week whenever possible. It's a common joke your doctors and lawyers are on the course during this time. Usually they play the country clubs but they have been known to play on public courses. The private clubs often have "men only" during certain hours. Find out if this includes the club house as well. If the restriction lifts at four or five in the afternoon, make it your business to be there.

Better supermarkets are excellent meeting places for the upwardly mobile, as are better department stores. You can be working there or shopping there, just as long as these eligible women see you. Some of the really large stores such as Bloomies in New York have entire departments devoted to party needs such as wine, cheese, crackers or hors d'oeuvres, etc. Want to meet a nice on-the-way up type of woman, she's here buying for a fun party. It's a sure bet if you're looking around this type of party center, conver­sation will develop if you let it or even better, start it.