Leading Up to the Proposal

Sometimes the girl may be a little slow to make up her mind about agreeing to your proposal. You may want to let her think about it for a while. One way is to suggest the private rendezvous at a time a few days hence, but don't require an answer until the next day. Allow at least 24 hours for her to consider the idea. A girl's romantic imagination will usually make the idea more attractive as she thinks more about it. You can arrange to phone her for her answer.

This is a good time to tell the girl you love her. But be careful not to say that unless it is true as it could cause future complications. A good alternative is to say, "I'm feeling very close to you right now," or "I just want to be near you," or anyone of a thousand other statements of affection.

Another smooth way to propose a sexual adventure is by oblique reference. You might say:

“You know! A lot of single couples are booking in as roommates for vacation weekends now. A buddy of mine and his girlfriend did it last weekend. It worked out great."

If she says, "Sounds cozy," or makes some approving remark, you have laid the groundwork for a similar proposal to her. You can surely think of plenty of variations on this theme. The idea, of course, is to describe another couple doing the things you want to do with her. Approval of their actions by her indicate that she is probably accepting the idea for the two of you.