1. On the first get-together, talk only about her - not yourself. By talking about her, you learn more about her which will be valuable to you in planning strategy. Also, it is a subject she will be comfortable with. By not talking about yourself, you let your image speak for itself. And don't forget, the less women know about you, the more women want to know about you. Be a man of mystery.

2. Finally, when you first get to know a girl, it would be better if she suspects that you are seeing other women as well as her. It makes you more attractive to her and she knows she will have to work hard to get you.

How do you suggest that there are other women in your life? Just doing all the things we suggested in this section will accomplish that: Playing hard to get; not rushing into sex; not calling every night; not always being available; and being unpredictable.


  1. Emily // January 12, 2015 at 2:10 PM  

    Wonderful Post, I highly appreciate those people who share some good information, because I like those people who actually share :).