The Card Method
How  many times  have you  been attracted to women, let's say in public places,  a  sales clerk,  a beautiful girl  alone in a restaurant, a hot & sexy lady getting  off an  airplane alone, a gorgeous babe standing in the checkout line?

Well I have  come up with  a get acquainted  card for  those occasions where you don't have much time or the place  is not appropriate  for getting acquainted. This  card breaks the ice and works like a charm. I've used  it  and  my male  friends  have used it very successfully to meet women.

Here's what  it says  and you  just take  this to your  printer and have  it printed on  a business card and  on  the  back  have your  name  and phone number printed. It reads:

I've  been  carrying  this  card  for a long time hoping to  meet someone like you.  Bars & pickup lines are  just not  my style,  so I  hope to meet you using this card. I'd really like to find out who you are and tell you exactly what it was  about you that attracted me. My  name &  phone number  are on  the back of this card. The  option of calling  will be yours,  but I'll really be sorry  if you don't  call. Let's spend  some time together. Please call and let me know who you are.


  1. Alexandra // February 9, 2015 at 4:16 AM  

    I think this idea is actually very good! I have some friends who would greatly benefit from having this in their pockets at any time. Being a female, I think I would be flattered to receive something like this. Great idea!

  2. Anonymous // February 25, 2016 at 12:09 AM  

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