Some topless clubs feature, "Amateur Nights."  This is a dance contest for amateur dancers.  These girls haven't danced before and compete for prize money which is usually around $100.00.  This is a good way for the girls to try out stripping to see if they like it or not.

Topless clubs use these contests to recruit new dancers.  Some girls try it and like it, especially when they see how much money they can make.
You'll find that these contests are usually held once a week at your second tier clubs.  Your upscale clubs rarely have these contests to recruit new dancers.  They already have an abundance of dancers to hire.
So, what do "Amateur Nights," have to do with picking up topless dancers?  Because you can strike gold with these rookie dancers.  They are much easier to take advantage of and I will tell you why.  It takes a lot of courage to take your clothes off in front of men the first time you get up on stage.  So, to build up their courage these girls get high on drugs and/or alcohol.  This is to your advantage because they will be more receptive to your charm and seductive techniques.
They will be easy to meet and they want someone to cheer for them and help them win the contest.  What's great, too, is these girls haven't been exposed to the topless club scene, haven't gotten burned out, or developed a bad attitude toward men, which can happen to dancers after being hit on constantly, propositioned for sex, and treated like a whore by the customers.
Amateur topless dancers will be the easiest type of dancer to score with.  Find out which clubs in your town or surrounding areas that feature "Amateur Night."  Make it a point to go as often as possible because you'll find these girls to be "Easy Pickings."  Also, on good nights you can have up to ten fresh rookies for you to seduce.  These girls can be real pretty with knockout bodies too!

Don't be disappointed if you don't get lucky the first night.  You're main objective is to at least get her phone number and meet for a casual non-threatening meeting for lunch or dinner.  After that you can pursue a sexual relationship.