TIP #1 - Flowers and small gifts, candlelight dinners, and romantic notes and cards are all great touches. Small in time and money it takes, but large in their effect. It is important that all of these are out-of-the blue and a surprise to her.


FOR EXAMPLE: Sneak over to her house and leave flowers and a note at her door. Again, use these romantic touches, but do so sparingly so that you don't come on too strong.


TIP #2 - Use imagination for your meetings - not just the same old date. Go for walks in the rain. Have picnics in the park. Go to showings of old classic movies.


TIP #3 - The easiest way to impress a girl is not with talk of your athletic prowess, financial wizardry, or social stature, but rather a simple compliment like, "You are dressed beautifully tonight." Make sure that you say it at the right time so that it doesn't look like you are just trying to give her a line.