For Shy Men Only


What  is  shyness?  Webster's  defines shyness as being "uncomfortable in  the presence of  others." For the  shy man  this refers  to being uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex.

Shyness  can be  a crippling  mental handicap and it's consequences can be devastating in the following ways:


1. Shyness breeds negative feelings like anxiety, de­pression, and loneliness.

2. It encourages you to think too much about  yourself and to be over-preoccupied with your own reactions.

3. It will limit you in  voicing your own opinions and values and speaking up for yourself.

4. Shyness hinders  your  thinking  and  ability  to communicate effectively.

5. It has an unfavorable bearing on how others will e­valuate your personality.

6. Shyness  makes  it more difficult for you to meet new people, make friends, or enjoy potentially good times. Thank goodness, shyness can be cured and overcome!

As an example of shyness, at  every nightclub you will find the  shy man. You'll see him just standing around all night, being afraid to approach a  woman and start up a conversation or even to ask a woman to dance. So what  happens? They  get frustrated and leave  the club.  They keep  coming to  the nightclubs and repeat the same routine. They stand around wishing they could meet someone, get frustrated, and then go home  frus­trated and depressed.

You  can overcome your shyness  and you "must" if you're going  to  nightclubs, etc.  This  kind  of  social setting  can be most threatening and anxiety-provoking if you are a shy man. This kind of setting will only aggravate your shyness condition if you don't take the appropriate steps to overcome your shyness.

In order for you to promote this change yourself, first you must believe  that change  is possible. You must  really want to overcome your shyness condition. Last, you must be willing to commit time and energy to take  action and  to risk  some temporary  failures in initiating change  procedures that  can lead to long-­term  success.  To  sum  it  up  you can change if you believe you can but it takes work...hard work.