If  a  Woman  Doesn't  Show  She  Likes Me Right Away, She Really Doesn't Like Me and Will Never Like Me

This is  an unproductive belief that  a woman, upon first meeting her, must show complete interest  in you by verbal and non-verbal communication.

This is a  perfect example of this misconception. You ask a woman to dance and she  readily accepts. After the dance is over she accepts another mans invitation to dance. You get all  upset and you say to yourself, "If  she  was  really  interested  in me, she would have found some excuse not to dance with that guy when he asked her."

What  this  guy  doesn't  know  is  that  in the majority of cases like this, is that  when interest is not immediately  shown to the other, this doesn't mean that the possibility of liking you may not be there.

So, don't give up on a woman if  she accepts another guys invitation to dance. Just keep on pursuing her.

In conclusion, a lot of times a woman will not show her interest  in  you  following  a  brief initial  meeting.   Prolonged communica­tion  and conversation  are  necessary before she can feel comfort­able in showing her interest in you.