Irresponsible Topless Dancers

If you hang out in topless clubs and try to pick up topless dancers, this is the type you will most likely date. They will frustrate and disappoint you. 
I'm not saying you have to accept it, but if you want to date these girls you're going to have to tolerate it.  What I'm trying to say is topless dancers are some of the most irresponsible and undependable women you will ever meet in your life.
This has happen to me many times in my encounter with topless dancers.  You give them your phone number and they never call or they forget to call.  She gives you her phone number, but you can never get a hold of her.  She says she will meet you for lunch, but never shows up.  She says she will meet you after she gets off work to go party, but disappears.  She makes plans with you, but constantly cancels the date.  So, what's a guy to do with all these frustrations and disappointments?  There's not much you can do.  It's their nature.  Just be patient and don't take her irresponsible nature to seriously.  Accept the fact that most topless dancers aren't very dependable.
Too much alcohol, drugs, and partying can take its toll on a dancer mentally and make her irresponsible.  This can certainly explain why some of these girls act like bimbos and airheads.  The body and mind can only take so much abuse.