I would like to share a few tips from one of our readers:

Being 40+ and single again has it's curses and blessings, I wont linger on the former but would like to share with you and your readers a great little place to snag babes. Bookstores, yep bookstores, not only do you get to screen what her interests before moving in, but you already have a common ground, something to talk about right away instead of fumbling around for something that interests you both. Depending on whether you are an expert or a novice on the subject matter you can opt to enlighten or be enlightened and believe me, a woman will never miss an opportunity to show that there's "more than T&A in the DNA."

"All that and a great mind too!" usually will get a smile, and a phone number.

Libraries are also great places if you've got the time. A little tip is finding an attractive lady at a table, look at what she's reading, grab some of the same subject matter, and plop down across from her or near enough to start exchanging thoughts.

I have enjoyed quite a few successful encounters thanks to your tips and advice but if there is one little tidbit that everyone needs to carry with them it's that rejection is a part of the game. Hell, Ken Griffey Jr. doesn't get a hit but once every three at bats and he's on his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame so don't be afraid to swing away. Thanks.