Should a woman know for sure that you are not seeing any other women? No. If she is wondering, then she is a bit insecure and the hint that other women find you attractive will intensify her interest in you. Please note that we do not advocate infidelity. We are merely saying that she will find you more attractive if she suspects that other women find you attractive.

If a woman confronts you with the question: "Are you seeing another woman?" maintain stout denial. She will still be wondering and that is real good.

Once, while looking at a magazine centerfold, we found this interesting comment. It was on the back of the picture - the part that gives the girls biographical information. Under the heading "likes and dislikes" she stated, "I'm not interested in men who let me walk all over them." At first glance, this seemed reasonable and not much was thought of it. Then one of us asked, "Why does she try to walk all over men in the first place?" We began to think about this, and found in our observations a very interesting behavior in women.

We found that women will test men. They will try to walk all over men to see how far they can push them. Why are they doing this? Literally, they are testing the guy's manhood. The more grief a man will tolerate from a woman, the worse he scores on the test. Women are testing because they are looking for a man who will not let them get away with any bullshit. It is a situation where the more understanding and patient you are, the weaker you are seen. The worse you score on the test.

This article is from our best-selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."