Here are some great places to take a date to really impress single women:

1. SPORTING EVENTS (PROFESSIONAL) -This is always a good option for a date, especially if your date is into sports.
2. SPORTS BARS -This is a lot better than sitting at home watching sports. It's an experience almost equal to being at the game, fight, etc. You have the excitement of the crowd pulling for the home team. Also, you can watch the games on big screen TV's. Also, the sports bars offer food and all kinds of drinks. Some even off free popcorn.
3. SQUARE DANCING -Do you know how to square dance? If not you can always learn and make a date of it.
4. STAR GAZING -Have you ever looked at the universe through a gigantic telescope at an observatory? Well this is an out-of-this-world experience you and your date will never forget. If there's an observatory in your area, check it out for a close-up view of the planets and stars.
5. STATE PARKS -Do you have any State Parks near you? If you do this is the perfect ideal place to go to enjoy the great outdoors. You can go for a daytime date or camp overnight.
6. SURFING -This can be a fun thing to share even if you don't know how to surf. Just buy a surfboard or rent one. Along the beachfronts you will find places where you can rent a surfboard. Even better, borrow one from a friend. What I like to do when I go on a surfing date is for both of us to get up on the board together and ride a wave. It's not that easy to do but lots of fun trying.
7. SWIMMING -Just invite her to go swimming at your apartment pool, public pool, a friend or relatives pool, or just go swimming at a lake, river, or ocean.
8. TATAMI ROOMS -These are private rooms at Japanese restaurants where diners sit on the floor for a very unique and romantic dining experience. Call your Japanese restaurants to see if they have these rooms available.
9. TATOOING -Have you ever heard of a tattoo date? Why not the both of you go to a tattoo parlor and get a tattoo together? If you're embarrassed by tattoos, you can always have one where it will be hidden by clothes.
10. TENNIS -This is a good way to have some fun and get some exercise. You can join a tennis club or just use a public tennis court. If you can afford it, join a private tennis club. They offer state of the art courts, lighted courts, pro shop, lessons, leagues & tournaments, fitness center, nursery, etc.